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Selling beauty products is the perfect way to earn money from a product you use and love every day. There are numerous companies that offer people just like you the opportunity to sell beauty products right from your home or even online.

Not only can you earn some money from this business venture, but it can also turn into a very lucrative career if you are successful.

These 15 beauty businesses are excited for people like you to start your own business and sell the makeup and beauty accessories they offer.

Read on to see which beauty company is right for you and can help you make big bucks on a product you're already passionate about.

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1. Avon

AvonIt has been around for 130 years and sells a variety of beauty products including skin care, color cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care products.

Your sales reps can invest to start their own business and sell Avon products for as little as $25. This gives you access to an online store, as well as brochures and everything you need to get started.

As an Avon sales representative, you'll receive a 40% discount on your first sale, giving you a quick way to make some quick money. Secondary and additional sales are paid separately according to billing and expenses.

In addition, Avon representatives can participate in the company's health plans, educational programs and retirement plans.

Avon is very well known in the beauty industry and it is hard not to find a woman who has not used or is using one of their products.

2. Arbona

Arbonneis another beauty product company that you can use to start your own business as an independent consultant.

Arbonne sells products that are good for both the environment and you. This is a good business opportunity if you are looking for natural and organic beauty products.

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant, you pay a $49 registration fee, but you earn 35% of your personal sales and a 15% commission on the purchases of your Preferred Customers.

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One of the advantages of Arbonne is that products are shipped directly to customers, so you don't have to deliver them in person.

The company also offers additional incentives for the best sales, including cash back, travel, and jewelry.

Arbonne also provides its Independent Consultants with all the social media tools necessary to promote the beauty products they sell, as well as the support and support of an online community.

3. Maria Kay

you've probably heardMary Kayand asked if selling beauty products was a smart move. With a household name and a history dating back more than 40 years, you can't go wrong with this at-home beauty opportunity.

At Mary Kay, you can save up to 50% on any beauty product you sell as part of your own business. You also have a chance to win trips, gems, or even the coveted pink Cadillac.

Mary Kay has beauty consultants all over the world and to join the company you must have a relationship with a current representative.

Not sure how to do this? Mary Kay has made it easy to find beauty consultants on her sitewebsite.

You'll need $100 for your starter kit, which promises to give you everything you need to start selling Mary Kay beauty products.

Additionally, the company offers online tools and training to help you get your business off the ground.

4. Beach body

Let's gobeach body, you will see your clients transform their bodies while you teach them the correct movements to make it happen.

With more than 350,000 independent Consultants, Beachbody offers fitness and exercise programs and also sells fitness equipment and the popular Shakeology brand of products.

To become a Beachbody Coach, you must pay $39.95 for the Digital Business Starter Kit, which includes all the tools you need to get started. After 30 days, you will be billed $15.95 per month to continue training with the company.

You may want to purchase Beachbody's Challenge or Performance Pack, which includes fitness, nutrition, and support needs to apply to your clients.

Receive a 25% commission on all your retail sales and $90 for each Beachbody Challenge pack you sell.

Also, if you add other trainers to your network, you earn even more by having them with your business.

5. Fragrance

ChooseFragrantIt's a fun beauty business because you can sell popular products like perfume diffusers and warmers, as well as cleaning, laundry, and beauty products.

To sell beauty products with Scentsy, you need a sponsor to help you sign up. They guide you through the process of starting your own Scentsy business.


Scentsy offers its Consultants the ability to sell at house parties, as well as in an online store.

The company's starter kit is $99, but it has a nice selection of items to get you started.

Plus, your business subscription fee covers three months of website hosting. This fee is $10 after the three introductory months.

With Scentsy, you'll earn vacation time, rewards, and more as a Consultant. Also, you get an exclusive gift just for joining the company.

6. doTerra

The beauty products ofdoTerraThey vary widely from a range of essential oils to a range of skin, hair and spa products sold.

As a doTerra Wellness Advocate, you can purchase products at a 25% discount at retail and earn free product credits to increase your beauty supply.

There is no monthly fee for your personal company website and you can always sponsor new wellness advocates to increase your business revenue.

doTerra offers a variety of incentives for its Wellness Advocates, from trips to training, conventions, and retreats.

To learn more about starting a doTerra business, you should contact a wellness advocate to inquire about the opportunity. This can be done through the company.website.

7. 31 gifts

31 giftsis a unique sales opportunity as it offers a variety of storage, transport and bag products.

Joining the company costs $99 for the product subscription kits or $179 for the product deluxe kit.

Get 40% off products and start with 25% commission on everything you sell.

You can sell 31 Gift products at home or office parties or on your personal website.

The company also offers many incentives, including a trip to Disney for its sales representatives.

8. Jafra

By joining you can sell a variety of beauty products.jafraas a consultant Established in 1956, Jafra is known for its skin care products. It also has a range of fragrances, makeup, and bath and body products.

The cost of starting your own business and making money with Jafra is only $39. This gives you access to your own special trading kit, or you can upgrade to the actual trading kit for $99.

The company also offers benefits like jewelry, cash, travel, and many free products to join as a consultant.

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When you become a Jafra Consultant, you'll earn up to 50% commission on everything you sell, plus team sales as an executive.


or BRIoffers a wide range of beauty products for skin, body, aging, sun care, cosmetics, and health and wellness. These products can be tested with a variety of free samples prior to purchase.

To get started as a L'BRI Consultant, you have to pay $299 but have access to $1,000 worth of products as part of your starter kit.

You will also receive discounts on products of up to 45% and have access to special incentives offered by the company.

There's no inventory to carry, either, as L'BRI ships products directly to customers who purchased them from you.

L'BRI has a high customer retention and repeat order base, making it possible to earn quickly as a consultant to the company.

10. Labial Sense

If you like makeup, you'll love SenGence bylip sense. The company sells long-lasting lipsticks as well as anti-aging skin care products and the SenseCosmetics range.

Signing up to be part of the Lipsense team is easy and you can buy beauty products instantly at a 20-50% discount while earning quick income from your sales.

Lipsense requires you to buy the product in advance, so you need to take inventory and spend some money on the products you think your customers will want to buy from you.

By enrolling new Distributors under your leadership, you can increase your sales and income with Lipsense.

You can also win a car and many trips through the company.

11. Jamberry-Nägel

Throughnail jam, will sell nail wraps that adhere to a person's nails for a unique and attractive look.

As a Jamberry Nails Consultant, she builds her own business with a starter kit that costs $29.95.

The kits offer a variety of products to present to your customers at house parties or to use as samples.

With Jamberry Nails, you'll earn up to 30% commission on every sale you make, with the option to earn additional bonuses.

The company also offers bonuses like trips and recognition programs to keep her motivated while selling her beauty products.

12. Rodan y Felder

Rodan y Felderis a skin care company founded by the same manufacturers as Proactiv Solution. This popular skincare brand has garnered attention as its products have been clinically proven to get results.

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To join the company as a consultant, you must find a sponsor to guide you through the joining process. Finding a sponsor is easy. You can simply submit a form directly to the company.website.

Earn sales commissions, new team members, retail profits, and bonuses.

You pay a $45 registration fee to become a Rodan & Fields consultant, but you also receive many bonuses and benefits, including unique trips.

13. Younique

WhileYouniqueis known for its 3D Fiber Lash mascara, which has been selling a variety of beauty products since 2012.

The company offers consultants the opportunity to start their own business and join the business by purchasing a new presentation kit for $99.

As a Younique Beauty Consultant, you'll receive party prizes, compensation, and the opportunity to own a car through the company.

The sales commission will be credited to you within three hours of the sale, so you can start earning fast with this home business. You'll also get your own Younique debit card after you earn $50.

You also get a free personal website and expert training to ensure your business thrives with the company.

14. NuSkin

With a history of 30 years,New loveoffers facial and body care products, as well as a variety of makeup items.

As a NuSkin Brand Affiliate, you earn commissions and retail brands when you purchase products wholesale.

At this price, there are a variety of kits to purchase and a variety of corporate incentives to keep Brand Partners motivated.

NuSkin said it has provided $11 billion in compensation to its brand partners so far.

15. Young Life

Another way to sell beauty products is throughyoung life. This company sells more than just essential oils, as it also offers cleaning and pet care products, vitamins and weight management products, and makeup.

With Young Living, you save 24% off retail prices and earn on the products you sell. You will also be part of the company's sales and special opportunities and have significant earning potential.

Young Living also operates a rewards point program that allows you to earn even more as a team member.

There is also the opportunity for cruises, recognition programs and conventions to grow your personal business through the company.


If you're looking for a way to sell beauty products, consider these 15 makeup, skincare, and beauty supply companies. They can help you make money from home or online by selling a product you are passionate about.

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What do you think of these ways to make money in the beauty industry? We want to hear from you. Have we missed a major home or online beauty business? let us know


15 Companies You Can Sell Beauty Products To And Make A Living Full Time? ›

L'Oréal is the leading beauty products company with over $35 billion in global sales (Statista) L'Oréal remains the top player in the beauty industry, with nearly $11 billion more in sales than second-place Unilever.

What beauty company makes the most money? ›

L'Oréal is the leading beauty products company with over $35 billion in global sales (Statista) L'Oréal remains the top player in the beauty industry, with nearly $11 billion more in sales than second-place Unilever.

What sells the most in the beauty industry? ›

According to Statista, globally, skincare and hair care are leading the way in the cosmetics industry. In 2015, skincare product sales in the U.S. alone generated about $16 billion. Meanwhile, in 2020, facial cosmetic sales generated $1.9 billion. The global anti-aging cosmetics market value sits at $38.62 billion.

What are the beauty biggest companies? ›

According to the Top 20 Global Beauty Companies 2021 Report, the biggest beauty companies in the world are The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG), The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE:EL), and Unilever PLC (NYSE:UL).

How can I be successful in selling beauty products? ›

7 Tips for Beauty Products Marketing
  1. Social Media Marketing. Social media is perhaps the best way to showcase and market your beauty products to the world. ...
  2. Put Your Products Online. ...
  3. Have a Unique Brand. ...
  4. Do Giveaways. ...
  5. Distribute to Local Stores. ...
  6. Make Use of Influencers. ...
  7. Get Testimonials from Your Customers.

What is the #1 beauty brand? ›


What is the most famous beauty company? ›

L'Oreal. L'Oreal S.A. is the world's largest cosmetics company which creates products focused on hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care. Headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, L'Oreal currently owns 36 brands and has 497 registered patents.


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