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Discord is a great community app that also connects to third party services. Some of them added funny easter eggs in their app for the users to find. Some easter eggs are no longer available, such as dis.gd, which used to redirect users to YouTube rickroll videos. Here's a full list of Discord Easter Eggs to try and find right now.

Let's start the list with what I like.

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1. I disagree

To access this Easter egg, click the Discord logo in the top left corner 15 times. Make sure your device's volume is turned up. This activates a "DISCORD" sound effect. DISCORD sound will be played every time you open the app. To disable, click the Discord icon 15 times again to stop the Discord app startup sound.

This Easter egg is available on Discord desktop app and web app. It doesn't work in the mobile app.

2. Musical arrows

Discord supports many keyboard shortcuts for navigating your app. You can find a list of these keyboard shortcuts by clicking Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ if you're using a Mac. This will open a pop-up window showing all Discord compatible shortcuts. Here you can use the arrow keys to play music. Have fun learning something new.

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3. Angry demon

Another Easter egg is hidden in Discord's keyboard shortcut popup. Open keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/. When the pop-up window opens, pressH H → N K. This shows an animation of an angry demon with a Chinese character that says SKY.

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4. Nitro Confetti

When someone raises the Discord server, Discord will show a notification in the chat box letting everyone know. Confetti will appear when you hover over the Nitro icon in this notification. If you keep doing this, Wampus will appear in one of the four corners to throw more confetti.

5. SNEK - Snake Game

If you land on a 404 page in Discord while searching for something that's gone, you'll see a blue button next to the hamster. Click on it to play a hidden game.

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Another way to open the game is on the Discord 404 page by pressing the following keys in this order ⏤↑↑↓↓←→←→BA. This will open the same Discord SNEK game.

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6. This madness

Go to Discord server settings and scroll down until you see Discord notification settings. Here is the link to This Insanity. click it It redirects you to a YouTube video showing an iPhone with millions of Discord notifications.

7. Take b1nzy to space

This one has a few steps, but makes a great hidden Easter egg.

OpenDiscord.com/developers/aplicaciones. Then click on the documentation in the left sidebar and scroll down to click on the Rate Limits option. Scroll down the document until you find this sentence. ⏤ Note that normal rate limiting headers are sent in this response. The reaction to the speed limit is as follows.

At the end of the sentence you will see two blue dots. click it

A page will open with a cat traveling through space in a rocket with music for cats. That's it, that's the Easter egg.

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8. Super weird touch

When someone calls you on Discord, you'll get a default Discord ringtone that we can't change. But you have a 1 in 1000 chance to get a different ringtone. It's basically the same ringtone as Discord with some added music and drums. The only way to find out is to make multiple Discord calls until you get a different ringtone.

9. Halloween special ringtone

Discord changes the ringtone for Halloween every year. To access it, wait until Halloween and call Discord to hear the special Halloween ringtone. Or just search for thatToque de Halloween do Discord no YouTubeto hear it now

10. Banana gives empathy

If Discord can't find the message you're looking for, you'll see the No Results Found page with a magnifying glass image. However, there is a random chance that you might see another message stating "No results found. Banana Empathy is here for you” with a picture of a banana.

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You only have to try a few times to find this message.

11. Forget the route

Keep checking for messages that aren't available and Discord will show you a broken magnifying glass that says "We dropped the magnifying glass. Can you try the search again?"

Just like the empathy banana, you can easily find this Discord Easter egg with just a few tries.

12. Copy label

You have the option to click on your username in the lower left corner to copy your username with the message "Copyed!". But if you copy multiple times by clicking on it, Discord will show various messages like "Double Copy!", "Triple Copy!!", "Dominating!!", "Riot!!", Mega Copy!!", "Unstoppable! ! ", "Sick Evil!!", "Monstrous Copy!!", "AWESOME!!!". "BEYOND A GOD!!!". The last one is Beyond Godlike and Discord will keep showing the same warning after that.

13. Strange username

If you change your Discord username to something absolutely ridiculous, e.g. For example, using special characters and symbols, Discord will show the expiration icon on the button instead of using the "Edit" text.

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14. Amoled

This easter egg works in discord android app.

OrUser Preferences > Appearanceand touchdark modenine times. It will reveal a new option called Amoled Optimized Mode. Toggle the switch next to it and it will enable full black mode for Discord instead of using grayscale for dark mode.

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15. Flashlight

Similar to the Amoled Easter Egg, this Discord Easter Egg only works in the Discord Android app.

go toLookoption in settings and tap the buttonLuzoption six times. It says "when the theme light isn't enough!" and it makes your Discord app completely white and also turns on your device's flashlight for a few seconds.

16. Turkey Emoji

When the time and date is given on American Thanksgiving, the emoji picker icon changes to a turkey. Of course, it only works if you are located in the United States orvia a VPNconnected to a US server.

17. The computer man

Just type printer.discord.com into the omnibox and press Enter. It redirects you to a Computer Man song on YouTube. It's nothing more than the way Discord attracts people. However, it is a pleasant and catchy song.

Encerrando: Discord Easter Eggs

As the app is constantly changing and updating, Discord may remove or add new Easter Eggs at any time. With the recent Discord.com UI change, we lost the Easter Eggs like Mario Box, but at the same time, we have Easter Eggs in the Android app. However, these changes don't happen very often and these Easter eggs are here to stay for quite a while.

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