20 Cool Discord Easter Eggs You Should Try (2023)

Discord is the one stop shop for gamers who want to communicate while playing their favorite titles. The gaming chat app comes with a number of cool features, such as the ability toWatch YouTube videos with friends,install themes,Create stickers on Discord, and more. With so much going on, Discord developers have hidden wacky features and Easter eggs all over the app, hoping to surprise users when they find them. Now, if you've found a Discord easter egg and want to read more about it or are just curious if Discord has any other hidden features, you've come to the right place. From simple rickrolls to nostalgic games, Discord has created fun and cool Easter eggs in its messaging app over the years. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the Easter eggs we discovered.

In this guide, we have included functional Easter eggs that you can now try on Discord. Also, at the end, we describe the Easter Eggs that were already available but have been removed. Use the table below to explore some of the best Easter eggs on Discord.


1. I disagree

Did you know that you can add a cute startup sound to the Discord app on your computer? Well, you can hear the "I disagree" sound effect every time you open the app with this easter egg.

How to enable Discord startup sound, you ask? All you have to do is open the chat app andClick on the Discord logo in the top left corner 16 timesin quick succession. You will then hear the "I disagree" sound effect. Now close Discord and reopen it to hear the startup sound.

You can turn off the sound effect by clicking the Discord logo 16 times again. You will hear the same confirmation tone when you leave a voice channel. This Easter egg only works with Discord's web and desktop apps.

2. Copy the username tag

In the form of an Easter egg, Discord has decided to reward your clicking skills. Yes, when you click to copy your username (or gamertag) on ​​Discord, the app will tell you "Copied". Now when you click a few times to copy your username, the prompt will start updating and that's where the fun is.

To find this Easter egg, open the app and tap on your username in the bottom left corner. Then, in the popup window that opens,Tap your username several times. As shown in the GIF below, if you copy the username, you'll see the messages in the following order:

  • copied!
  • Duplicate copy!
  • triple copy!
  • Dominant!!
  • Rampage!!
  • Megacopias!!
  • Unstoppable!!
  • bad sick!!
  • Copy monster!!!
  • DIVINE!!!
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3. Error 404/SNEK Game

Everyone's favorite snake game has also made it to Discord's Easter egg list. When accessing a page on the Discord website that is no longer accessible, the message "Wrong turn?" appears. 404 error page. This error page has a 404 ramen shop where you shouldTouch the snake signto the right of the store to open the Discord SNEK game.

You can use the arrow keys to control the snake and play. Alternatively, you can access the SNEK game by pressing the following keys from the error page:Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A(Konami-Cheat-Code).


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4. The Angry Demon Akuma

If you've played Street Fighter, you've probably heard the name Akuma. Discord is bringing a fun Easter egg to his app to honor the character's first Ultra Combo attack: Raging Demon.

To access it, you must first open the keyboard shortcuts panel by pressing “Ctrl+/” or “Cmd+/”. Then you must enter the following sequence:

H, H, right arrow, N, K

Once you've done that, the hotkey screen will flash and you'll see an animation similar to Akuma's raging demon attack on the screen. It ends with a Chinese character that reads "heaven" or "heaven."

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5. Dark AMOLED Design (Mobile)

This is the only mobile-only Discord Easter egg on this list, and it's very useful. If you use the Discord mobile app, you know that it supports two themes: light and dark. But the dark theme is not really dark, rather it paints the app in a gray tone. Well, with this workaround, you can enable a completely black theme on the Discord mobile app and save valuable battery life. Is that how it works:

1. Open the Discord app for Android and tap on your profile picture in the bottom navigation bar. Then scroll down to open the "Appearance" settings. here you mustdark touch bad 10to see the new AMOLED theme option.

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2. Then the Discord theme will automatically switch to AMOLED mode. And you'll see a new one tooModo AMOLED "Experimental"toggle on the settings page. Now you can enable or disable this feature as you wish.

observation: This easter egg only works on android app. We followed the same steps in the iPhone app, but the AMOLED mode option did not appear.

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6. Discord Revolution Dance

Do you remember the game Dance Dance Revolution? Discord pays homage to this popular game by including Dance Dance Revolution-like music note arrow keys on the keyboard shortcuts page.

Simply use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+/" on Windows or "Cmd+/" on Mac to open the keyboard shortcuts page. here you can nowPress one of the four arrow keys to play musical noteswithin Discord. See a demonstration in the following video:

7. Take b1nzy to space

Discord not only hid Easter eggs in its app, but also included the memes in its documentation. If you're interestedHow do I create a Discord bot?and access the APIs, you would have visited the Discord developer portal. However, you would never have seen this.hidden cat flying into space on rocket easter egg.

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To get to the page where the Easter egg is located, just followthis linkto access the Rate Limits documentation. Then scroll down to this sentence:"Note that the normal route limiting headers are also sent in this response. The rate limiting response looks something like this:"Click the blue "colon" link here to access the Take b1nzy to Space website.

This fun site features a cat on a rocket going into space with loud music playing in the background. You can change songs, change nyan cat mode or use meow mode (click several times) to experience something exciting.

8. Wumpus Nitro Konfetti

ability to buyDiscord-Nitroand unlocking new features is certainly cause for celebration. But there is an Easter egg hidden here. When someone increases a Discord server, they will see a message that says:"[Name] boosted the server"penny cat

This message will be accompanied by the Nitro Crystal icon, which will shoot confetti when you mouse over it. Now if you continue to hover over the crystal, Discord's mascot Wumpus will appear as part of the celebration. He comes out of one of the four corners and throws some confetti. Pretty cool, huh?

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9. Empathy Banana / Broken Magnifying Glass

Discord even roasted oneEaster Egg on page No results found.your gaming chat app. If you search for something on a server, using a magnifying glass will not show any results. However, in rare cases, Discord will display two different images with a different message, namely:

  • No results found. Banana Empathy is here for you.
  • We drop the magnifying glass. Can you try the search again?
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10. Weirdly Long Username

What do you think of an inanimate chat app that judges you based on your username? Well, Discord will look down on you if you choose an absolutely ridiculously long username, as you can see below. The Edit button next to your username in Settings will change todisapproving gesture.

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11. Gente.txt

Unlike the robots.txt file, which tells web crawlers which pages to index, many tech companies also like to upload a humans.txt file to their servers. They use it to hide friendly messages or cryptic codes on their website. Discord does the same, using the file to display the company logo in ASCII art format, along with a link to the "About" page.

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12. Aggressive Pencil Shake

This is the only Discord Easter Egg that will make you work hard to experience it. When you open the Discord settings, go to "Profile” and wait patiently for 90 minutes, you will see the pen next to the “User Profile” label start to shake. the pencil goesshake even more aggressivelyas time goes.

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13. Informatics

Before starting the rickroll, Discord developer b1nzy implemented another fun Easter egg. when you open theimpressora.discord.comwebsite, it will take you to a YouTube video of the song "IT“. It's a reference to an old Canadian children's show called Vid Kids, and the song is oddly catchy.

14. Thanksgiving-Truthahn-Emoji

Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in India, we don't get a chance to test this Discord Easter Egg. However, if you are located in the US (or in avpn serviceto connect to US servers) and your device's time and date are set to Thanksgiving, you'll see the emoji icon change to a turkey on Discord. Cool right?

15. Rick Rolled Discord Tokens

Sure, a little harmless rickrolling is fun and makes you laugh. But Discord's engineers seem to be on another level as they take rickrolling to new heights. As one Reddit user found out, they use “dQw4w9WgXcQ' at the beginning of all encrypted Discord tokens.

What does this represent, you ask? Well, this alphanumeric code on the Discord tokens is the last part of the link to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up YouTube video. To test it, just type "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=" and add "dQw4w9WgXcQ" after "v=" in the link.

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16. Dubstep Called Klingelton (Super Rare)

Gamers who use Discord regularly are familiar with the default ringtone that plays when you call someone. well, there wasDubstep Remix Versionthis touch, which occurred with a very rare probability (~0.1%). Some users were lucky enough to find this ringtone and upload it to YouTube, so give it a listen. This is one of the many Easter eggs that have been removed from the app and we have listed a few more below.

In addition, Discord also releases new ringtones for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and more. You can see Halloween Discord Ringtone 2022 atTweet linked here.

17. Light Theme (Flashlight)

In addition to the completely dark AMOLED theme, the Discord Android app also featured a light-themed Easter egg at the time. you just had toTap the "Light" theme option six times.Being flashbanged by the app.

As a result, the entire screen turned white, the flashlight turned on, and a message appeared saying "When the theme Light is not enough!" he appeared. he appeared on the screen.

18. Mario Question Marks / Green Bubbles

The Discord website has gone through several revisions over the years. But in its early days, the site featured some Easter eggs to satiate our inner gamer. First home pageI had one "?" mario box, which created currency when clicked and doled out items such as coins, superstars, and more from the game franchise. There was also a glass of green liquid that would show green bubbles when clicked.

Although these Easter eggs have been removed, you can try them with them.shortcutfor an archived version of the Discord home page from 2019. Here's a video for reference:

19. This madness

Nobody likes a barrage of notifications. And well, Discord wanted to remind users of exactly that with this Easter egg. On the notification settings page on your Discord server for Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other game, Discord had an alert saying:"We recommend setting this to only @mentions for a public discord to avoid this madness."Here, "this madness' was linked to a YouTube video of an iPhone getting a barrage of notifications.

This easter egg has been removed because the original video associated with "this madness" has been removed and no longer exists on YouTube.

20. Discord-Hilos Rick Roll

Last but not least, we have a Rickroll Easter Egg from the folks over at Discord. And well, this one had quite a public and successful career. The company shared an official link.dis.gd/hiloswhich redirected to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up YouTube video when clicked.

This easter egg has been discontinued and the link simply says "Not Found" when opened. However, you can usethis file linkto access the Discord rickrolling threads web page.

The Ultimate Discord Easter Egg List

So yeah, there are all the interesting Easter eggs to find on Discord right now. The game chat app regularly updates the app to add strange hidden easter eggs or remove them over time. In the list above, the Discord app startup sound and frequent rickroll are my favorites. Which of these Easter eggs do you like? Did you already know them? Did we miss out on some fun Easter eggs here, too? If so, please let us know in the comments below.


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