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1. David Yaffe-Bellany - The New York Times

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  • David Yaffe-Bellany reports on cryptocurrencies and financial technology for The New York Times. Before that, he covered legal and political news for Bloomberg and Businessweek. He was also a member of the inaugural class of New York Times fellows, and he covered the food industry for the paper from 2019 to 2020. He graduated from Yale University.

2. Sam Bankman-Fried Blames 'Huge Management Failures' for FTX ...

  • Nov 30, 2022 · In a live interview at The New York Times's DealBook conference in Manhattan, Mr. Bankman-Fried blamed “huge management failures” and sloppy ...

  • Mr. Bankman-Fried spoke at The New York Times’s DealBook conference, in his first public appearance since his crypto exchange imploded.

3. The NY Times just ran an article on SBF and doesn't mention the word ...

  • The NY Times just ran an article on SBF and doesn't mention the word "fraud" or "crime" once. It looks like daddy and mommy's friends are hard at work here.

  • TacticalCoder 10 months ago | parent | context | favorite | on: FTX was registered with and licensed by the CFTC, ...

4. Let's Talk About the New York Times' 'Puff Piece' on Sam Bankman-Fried

5. NYT reporter says FTX founder's tone was 'really peculiar' | CNN Business

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  • New York Times reporter David Yaffe-Bellany discusses his interview with FTX founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried after the collapse of his cryptocurrency exchange.

6. An Overview of the SEC, SDNY and CFTC Cases Against Sam ...

  • Dec 21, 2022 · On December 19, 2022, SBF consented to extradition to the United States. ... Royston Jones Jr., David Yaffe-Bellany, Matthew Goldstein and Rob ...

  • Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

7. While Crypto Bro Scammed Clients, Reporters Scammed Readers - FAIR

  • Nov 19, 2022 · The new article in the New York Times by David Yaffe-Bellany lays out the facts in ways that are clearly beneficial to SBF's ... look like the ...

  • Before Bankman-Fried’s transition from financial genius to possible financial criminal, he received little scrutiny in the media.

8. A Sam Bankman-Fried Media Reckoning Is Underway | Vanity Fair

  • Nov 18, 2022 · A few days later, he was on the phone past midnight with New York Times reporter David Yaffe-Bellany. And a few days after that, he DM'd ...

  • The FTX implosion has turned a spotlight on coverage of the fallen crypto king—who, even while under investigation, can’t stop talking to reporters. “There were a lot of people who believed in him,” says one Forbes journalist, “and the media portrayal of him is a reflection of that.”

9. NY Times ripped for 'softball article' on crypto fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried

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  • The Times quoted Bankman-Fried extensively for a story whose headline reads: “How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Collapsed.”

10. S.B.F Goes to Jail + Back to School with A.I. + Self-Driving Car Update

  • Aug 18, 2023 · Today, the New York Times reporter David Yaffe-Bellany talks abou ... Plus: another look at autonomous vehicles. On Today's Episode: David ...

  • When Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in December, he was confined to his parents’ house — but he was left free to roam the internet. Today, the New York Times reporter David Yaffe-Bellany talks abou...

11. NY Times defends article on Caroline Ellison: The public has a 'legitimate ...

  • Aug 3, 2023 · The New York Times has submitted a filing in the criminal case against former FTX CEO Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried, arguing the court should defend ...

  • David McCraw, vice president and deputy general counsel for The New York Times, submitted a letter to Judge Lewis Kaplan expressing concerns about the gag order in SBF’s criminal case.

12. New York Times Runs Bizarre Softball Article on FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried

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  • The Times paints a picture of a troubled businessman who made bad investments, rather than an industry built like a house of cards.

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