The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (2023)

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Core items:

  • Some dog breeds remain more aggressive because they have been bred to hunt or fight for generations.
  • Many aggressive dogs love their families but need to be properly trained and socialized from an early age to be around visitors.
  • 4 million people are bitten by dogs every year.

Although we often stopdogs as pets, it is important to remember that they are descended fromLobos. They may be domesticated, but at the end of the day, dogs are animals. Additionally, many of them were bred for violent purposes such as hunting and home defense. It's no wonder4 million peopleThey are bitten by dogs every year. That's why we've compiled this year's list of the most dangerous dog breeds based on which breeds bite the most and which breeds are credited with the deadliest attacks.

This list of aggressive dog breeds can help you assess your risk of owning or being around onedog breedsthat may be harmful to you.

What makes the most dangerous dog breeds menacing?

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (1)

Dangerous dog breeds are not necessarily the most aggressive dog breeds. AChihuahuaIt can be a very aggressive and territorial breed, but that doesn't mean it's very dangerous. After all, in most cases the dog weighs less than 10 kilograms, so it poses no danger to humans.

Instead, we focused on choosing a list ofAggressive dogsBehavior considered harmful because of the purpose for which they were created and physical size. In other words, a willingness to become violent and an ability to hurt people or other dogs are the things that make these dog breeds the most dangerous.

Why are some dog breeds more aggressive and prone to attack?

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (2)

Dogs can be socialized to be friendly and loving indoors, but there's always a part of a tamed animal that stays feral. Some dog breeds remain more aggressive because they were bred for generations to be wild game animals. Others have been rescued from a situation where they were socialized to be violent like attack dogs.

Also, not all domestic situations are good for a dog. Studies have shown that some wild dogs were bred by humansshows psychopathic tendencies, and these people became a dangerous influence on the dogs, leading to poor results.

Bad things happen when a problem dog is introduced to young children, other pets, or people who are not good with animals.

A dog's breed is one part of the equation that contributes to its violent nature, but it's an important part that cannot and should not be ignored.

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (6)

Determining the most dangerous dog breeds by 2023 is all about seeing which dogs were responsiblehighest number of fatal bitesover a period of time. Based on a collection of information from 2005 to 2017, we have compiled a list of aggressive dog breeds that are most likely to kill a human, making them the most dangerous breeds.

matching this information with datadeadly attacks in 2021we can draw conclusions about which dog breeds will still be the deadliest in the next year.

1. Pitbull

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (7)

While it shouldn't come as a surprise to most people studying dangerous dog breeds, thePitbullHe is the most dangerous dog. Although not an American Kennel Club-recognized breed, "Pitbull" is a general term used to include himbulldozerjTerrierinstead of a single breed of dog. According to the above study, the pit bull was responsible for 284 deaths over a 13-year period, about 2/3 of all fatal dog attacks in the United States.United States of America.

That's a pretty scary statistic just to think about it6% of all dogsin the United States they are pit bulls. They were bred to be dangerous for generationshunting dogsand attack dogs, so it's not surprising that these dogs continue to pose a threat to this day.

Another reason pit bulls are the most dangerous dog breed is because they have large bodies (weighing up to 80 pounds), strong jaws, and great killer instincts. Humans and other animals don't stand a chance against a pit bull. Still, many people insist that these animals are simply a product of their breeding and continue to love pit bulls as pets.

2. Rotweiler

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (8)

Before pit bulls entered the public consciousness as highly dangerous animals,Rottweilerit has often been considered the most dangerous dog breed in the world. These dogs can grow up to 25 inches and weigh 120 pounds or more and still be healthy.

They have large bodies and a temper that can become awkward in some situations. In particular, the dog becomes very friendly and protective of family members, but this protection does not extend to visitors.

Rottweilers are known to be powerful, protective, and loyal, and they can be dangerous when attacking intruders. Although Rottweilers do not pose a threat to the family, they are often very aggressive in protecting their owners.

During the same period that we discussed with the pit bull, the rottweiler was responsible for 45 fatal attacks, accounting for 10% of all fatal attacks observed in the United States during that period. Rottweilers also have an incredibly powerful bite that they know how to use to great effect.

3. German Shepherd

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (9)

German shepherdsThey are working dogs that have been used by the military and police for the last few decades. The reasons for this choice are obvious: they are hardy, intelligent, powerful, and dangerous dogs capable of inflicting deadly attacks on humans.

Weighing around 90 pounds and standing at over 2 feet tall, the German shepherd breed is perfect for reducing human threats. generational pedagogyworking dogsled to a highly effective tool.

Unfortunately, when it comes to aggressive dog breeds, German Shepherds excel at aggression and territoriality and have been the cause of 20 fatalities (about 5% of all dog bite deaths) and numerous nonfatal bite incidents. . The only bright spot in this case is that this breed is very trainable.

4. American Bulldog

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (10)

Unlike their British counterparts, theBulldog Americanit remains a mighty workhorse that hasn't been beaten to the point of uselessness. Standing just 30 inches tall, these dogs can build muscle and weigh over 100 pounds. They are fat, strong, and very dangerous dogs when attacking.

During the 13-year study, American bulldogs were responsible for 15 fatalities, about 3.5% of all fatal attacks. While not a huge number, it's important considering this breed is rarely mentioned along with some other dangerous dogs.

Make no mistake: thisThe breed has a powerful biteand the ability to jump high and hard enough to knock down an adult.

5. Bullmastiff

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (11)

Committed, alert and fearless are all terms that apply to theBullmastiffBreed, which is why people value them as pets. They will guard your home and yard, but they may not like the presence of strangers and this behavior needs to be controlled early on to prevent attacks.

Although Bullmastiff attacks are relatively rare, the truth is that these dogs are so large that when they attack a person or other animal, the damage is severe. They can reach 130 pounds and be 27 inches tall or larger.

These dogs accounted for 3.2% of all fatal attacks that occurred during the 13 years of the study, equivalent to just 14 deaths. However, considering the relative rarity of the animal in the US, this is a sign that the dog is dangerous.

6. Huskies Siberianos

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (12)

Huskies SiberianosThey are prized for their wolf-like appearance. You shouldn't be surprised if dogs exchange glances with youwild animalsact a bit like her.

Huskies were used in colder parts of Canada and as sled dogsUnited States of America. Although they only weigh 60 kilos, they are strong animals for their size and very independent. These dogs are highly motivated to capture prey. Most animals smaller than them, including humans, can look like their prey.

If so, it's their survival instincts that get them into even more trouble. Huskies were responsible for 3% of all fatal attacks in the study we cited. Although these animals are mostly friendly, they have been known to attack children and adults who challenge them, even without a history of aggression.

7. Labrador-Retriever

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (13)

HimLabrador RetrieverIt is a hunting dog bred to work with people. They are fairly large dogs, weighing up to 80 pounds and only about 2 feet tall. Labrador Retrievers are often considered family dogs and do a lot wrong.minderdue to its reliable nature.

So how did Labradors come to be responsible for 2.1% of all deaths in the study? Most of the time, the Labrador is thought to be defending its territory or even its food. Sometimes people accidentally corner their dog and make him feel threatened by correcting his behavior.

However, Labradors are not veryAggressive animals, but can turn people over or bite badly.

8. Boxer

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (14)

BoxerThey're interesting dogs because they look incredibly goofy at the same time, but they were bred to be working dogs. These dogs are high energy and can weigh up to 80 pounds of muscle.

When you combine their physical abilities with their protective nature, it's easy to see why boxers can be such a nuisance. If someone the dog doesn't trust does something that it perceives as a threat near its owner, the dog may lash out intelligently.

Boxers have only caused 7 fatalities in recent years, but they are also vulnerable to non-fatal bites. Like other dangerous breeds, you should only acquire this breed if you know how to handle it andtrain a dog.

9. Dobermann-Pinscher

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (15)

HimDobermann pinscherHe has an iconic silhouette, easily recognized by his cropped ears, straight back and ever-alert gaze. These animals were used as guard dogs, a job they performed so well that they became almost synonymous with the job alongside German shepherds.

The name "Pinscher" comes from a German term referring to its habit of attacking and biting its prey. This is another breed that has been bred for generations to become perfect fighting dogs. Not surprisingly, they are quite dangerous.

Doberman pinschers were responsible for about 6 deaths as well as many biting incidents at the time of the study. While not as prolific at kills as other dogs, the breed is dangerous and can sustain serious injuries. They stand between 2 feet and 3 feet tall and weigh over 80 pounds.

10. Alaskan Malamute

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (16)

Finally, we have themAlaskan Malamute, a dog very similar to the Siberian Husky. The main difference is that the Alaskan Malamute is much larger than its Lupine counterparts. These dogs can weigh nearly 90 pounds and stand 26 inches tall, making them quite large and powerful.

They are also very energetic and love to jump and mischief. Unfortunately, these dogs are not known for giving in to their owners' desires, so they need to be raised well from an early age.

Although they are only responsible for 4 deaths, the Alaskan Malamute remains on the dangerous dog list due to its powerful bite and willingness to use it against others.

Another dangerous dog breed that we could have added to this list are mixed breed dogs. They accounted for a significant number of fatal bites over the years, but it's difficult to contribute to a "mixed breed" category when data isn't available on what your breed encompasses.

Overall, these ten dog breeds represent the most dangerous out there based solely on the number of people they kill and how often they attack others. They are menacing not only because of their actions, but also because they have the potential to cause terrible harm.

Final thoughts on the most dangerous dog breeds

The 10 most dangerous dog breeds of 2023 (17)

Again, you can socialize a dog to be friendly and helpful in your home, but they'll have a hard time ignoring their instincts. In addition, other factors can affect the likelihood that the dog will bite you. These include:

  • Sex (men are more likely to bite)
  • Neutered or Neutered (unneutered or neutered dogs are more aggressive and territorial)
  • Fenced aggression (people approach dogs defending their homes)
  • Approaching unfamiliar dogs

These are all factors that can contribute to a dog bite scenario. While it may be tempting to dismiss a dog's breed as the only reason they will attack someone, other reasons also come into play.

Himdog breedsthat we've listed here are dangerous enough that owners need to take extra precautions, but that doesn't mean they're too dangerous to own. Every dog ​​is different, and those raised in the right environment, away from nosy children or other pets, have a good chance of remaining calm throughout their lives.

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