Top 3 Free MP3 Music Download Sites 2021 (2023)

find a freeMP3-DownloaderOr are you wondering if you can get a free music download site? You can have free music as few legal sites allow you to download free music. Nowadays, people listen to music online or from other services without owning it, which is not a real solution.

While many sites offer free music, not all of them are legal. You must be aware of such illegal websites and look for legitimate ones. Interestingly, to make your search easier, we have mentioned three free websites that are completely legal and where you can easily download your favorite songs or songs. Although each site is considered the best, as we know, all sites have their disadvantages and they all have different priorities, so go to each site and choose your favorite one.

One of the most common things is that we all have a phone or OC and we listen to music. Music works as a therapy that we integrate into our everyday lives. We listen to different types of music when traveling or playing sports. I don't think I need to explain further why you would need these MP3 music converters. Although we usually listen to music from YouTube which contains various songs and songs that we all love but sometimes we just want to have them in MP3 format.

Top 3 MP3 Music Download Sites

Almost everyone loves music. In addition to entertaining, it improves and changes our mood from bad to good. However, some of you may have great difficulty in finding a suitable website.YouTube to MP3 Converterwhere you can convert your favorite YouTube video song to MP3. So let's take a look at some sites below and check out their features to see what they can do.

  1. MP3download.a

We kept this site at the top of the list as it is the best free MP3 converter to convert YouTube music to MP3 for free. Many of you MP3 downloaders have already found an MP3 download siteDownload MP3. This site is a fully user-friendly online platform and the conversion process is simple: you need to copy and paste the URL of the song you want to convert.

This site is primarily an MP3 audio downloader, but it also has other features that support less conversion formats, including WAC, FLAC, and more. If you are in a hurry and need to convert the music as soon as possible, then this site is perfect for you as the conversion process only takes a few seconds.

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This is the safe, free and legal website where you don't need to download other bulky software that can slow down your system. This site works the same on all operating systems, which makes it unique. On this page you can convert as many MP3s as possible for free.


This site is the second best for free.MP3 Music Converterwhat we are going to talk about today. Ontiva is a one of the best YouTube online video converter to help you download and convert YouTube easily Videos in various formats including MP3, MP4. WAV, FLAC and more. You will find that this converter is Fast and easy to use.

The entire conversion process of this website takes seconds and completes with a few clicks. The conversion process is quite simple, you need to copy and paste the obtained link the youtube video in the address bar or you can also search on this platform. Then select from the output format, you need to start the conversion and finally download the resulting file. So easy steps, right?

Most importantly, this awesome site won't cost you a penny for the conversions you get. your platform. However, you may need email registration first, otherwise the basics Conversions are free. But there are many more features in the premium area that you need for this. Upgrade to a paid subscription.

You can access this amazing YouTube to MP3 downloader and converter from any browser. no time limit. This platform is well designed and users with any type of device can easily do it. Use it This platform is safe as it does not contain any malware or trojans in its conversion files. Also, your personal information is safe with them.


Many of you would like to collect information about different sports that you found on YouTube. videos but you need an mp3 or any good music possible with this online youtube playlist Converter. This website is a modern, state-of-the-art converter that allows you to convert multiple YouTube videos in MP3 or other supported format.

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Just like the other site, this site is also user friendly and the usage procedure is somewhat similar, That is, you need to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert. Also, You don't need to download any software as all conversions are done online on this site. User interface. Also, this website is free and you don't have to pay anything for it. Conversion type.

We can say that this platform is recognized as one of the best YouTube playlist downloaders worldwide. Welt.

So, the above sites are legal and free, where you can easily extract audio from YouTube videos and convert them to MP3.AYoutube Umwandler It allows you to get any audio format you want as some of them also have excellent filters that get the best audio out of the video. But there are some things you should know when looking for a good MP3 converter website.

Is it worth converting 320kbps YouTube videos to MP3?

We all want to listen to high quality music and it is unknown that we try our best to download all music in good quality. Different websites allow you to convert video songs to MP3 with different bit rates including 60 Kbps, 120 Kbps and 320 Kbps. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about converting YouTube videos to MP3 is that it should be 320 Kbps, which in our opinion is the highest quality.

You may not know that the audio played on YouTube is around 165 Kbps because it uses two audio formats like AAC and Opus. The maximum audio bitrate provided by AAC is 126 Kbps, while for Opus it ranges from 56 Kbps to 16 Kbps. Therefore, those who want the source must download the song in AAC format, otherwise they will be left with the worst audio quality of the song. Even choosing the highest audio quality which is 320 Kbps can affect the actual sound or audio quality. You must use a goodYouTube downloaderExtract audio from YouTube in AAC format. The one you think is higher quality may unnecessarily increase the file size, but not the audio quality.

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How to Convert YouTube to MP3

You need to correctly follow the simple steps we have given below that will help you convert YouTube videos to MP3.

● The first thing you need to do is go to YouTube's search box and type in the title of the video you want to convert. Or you can also try to search the video with enough background information about this video.

● Next, you need to search for the URL of that specific video which will be displayed in your browser's search bar. Or you can get the URL by clicking the share option below the video.

● Next step is crucial where you have option to choose conversion quality with multiple options included like: B. WAV, AAC or 320 Kbps for high quality. Don't forget what we said in the previous section.

● Later, you need to click "Convert" button, which will convert your YouTube video to MP3 format.

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● The last step is to download the audio after successful conversion by clicking the download button.

The process remains pretty much the same on computers and cell phones. Make sure you follow each step correctly and that the sites have similar procedures that make it easy for the user to download their favorite music.


Hope you find this article useful and have enough information about free music download sites. Downloading music from legal sites is crucial; You must make sure that you download the music from a secure site. The above sites are MO3 music download sites you will find in 2021, from which you can choose any site that suits your needs.

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Top 3 Free MP3 Music Download Sites 2021? ›

net's top competitor in March 2023 is with 2.3M visits. 2nd most similar site is, with 4.1M visits in March 2023, and closing off the top 3 is with . ranks as the 4th most similar website to and ranks fifth.

Are there any websites like free mp3 download net? ›

net's top competitor in March 2023 is with 2.3M visits. 2nd most similar site is, with 4.1M visits in March 2023, and closing off the top 3 is with . ranks as the 4th most similar website to and ranks fifth.

What are free music download sites like myfreemp3? ›

The other five competitors in the top 10 list are (12.9K visits in March 2023), (12.2M visits in March 2023), (69.9K visits in March 2023), (20.4M visits in March 2023), and (1.2M visits in March 2023).

How can I download MP3 songs in Chrome for free? ›

Go to the site where you want to download a file. Touch and hold what you want to download, then tap Download link or Download image. On some video and audio files, tap Download .
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .
  2. At the top right, tap More. Downloads. ...
  3. To share a file, tap More Share.

What has replaced MP3? ›

With the expiration of MP3 earlier this year, the Fraunhofer Institute recommends AAC as its replacement codec. AAC is a lossy format whose main selling point is its significantly higher sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rates. DSD — Direct Stream Digital: DSD is a unique high-quality audio codec.

Is it safe to download free MP3 songs? ›

Sites like Jamendo, Free Music Archive and DatPiff specialize in free downloads and are generally considered safe. Sites like Amazon and Bandcamp offer a selection of free and paid music downloads. Independently-produced music is often free or very inexpensive.

Which music downloader is the best? ›

What Are the Best Free Music Downloaders for Android in 2023
  • YMusic.
  • SoundCloud.
  • Tubidy.
  • Fildo.
  • SONGily.
Mar 2, 2023

What is the most safest MP3 converter? ›

Both of these options are fast, free, and 100% safe.
  • #1) YTMP3.CC – The Fastest and Safest.
  • #2) – The Best but Some Spammy Pop Ups.
  • #1) Wondershare – The Best WAV to MP3 Converter for Windows.
  • #2) iTunes- The Best WAV to MP3 Converter for Mac.
  • Online UniConverter (

How can I download MP3 songs for free on my phone? ›

Explore more video tutorials in the Wondershare Video Community .
  1. SoundCloud. Being one of the largest audio and music streaming platform with 150 million tracks, Soundcloud is undoubtedly amongst the best free MP3 downloader android apps. ...
  2. RockMyRun. ...
  3. Google Play Music. ...
  4. Spotify. ...
  5. MP3Skull. ...
  6. Gaana Music. ...
  7. Pandora Music.
Feb 25, 2023

Is there anywhere to download free music? ›

If you're looking for a big selection of free music downloads in a variety of genres, check out SoundCloud, ReverbNataion, Jamendo or SoundClick. All of them are available online or as apps on iOS and Android devices.

Is there a free music site? ›


It is true though, for those looking to simply listen to and enjoy music for free online, SoundCloud is one of the best platforms out there.

Is there any free music sites? ›

You can find free music downloads on the internet without relying on a streaming subscription. Sites like Free Music Archive, SoundCloud, and BandCamp make it easy to legally download music for free.

Is MP3 free now? ›

The MP3 is a ubiquitous staple of digital audio for decades and is one of the most common ways people listen to music. Now the institute that initially developed the MP3 has terminated its licensing fees, meaning the MP3 is now free.

Is there a free MP3 Converter? ›

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for various popular formats and encoders. It converts freely between MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, WMA, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Monkey's Audio (APE), WavPack, WAV and other formats.

Are there any free MP3 converters? ›

Freemake Audio Converter is one of the best free MP3 converter apps, converting most audio formats, like aac, m4a, adts, ac3, Ogg, etc., into MP3. Using it, you can get an MP3 file of high quality at once.

Is there a free way to download MP3 from Spotify? ›

Allavsoft is a video/audio converter that allows you to convert Spotify to MP3 in two simple steps. You copy and paste the track you want to be converted, then simply click the download button to have the Spotify track be downloaded in MP3 format by default.

How can I download MP3 and MP4 songs for free? ›

Using Snaptube, anyone can download MP4 songs free from the source of their choice in seconds, and you don't need to pay anything as well.
How to Download MP4 Video Songs for Free with Snaptube
  1. Step 1: Install the Snaptube downloader app. ...
  2. Step 2: Search for any video song to download. ...
  3. Step 3: Download MP4 Songs.

Is there something better than MP3? ›

In general, WAV files are better quality than MP3 files, but this isn't always the case if the WAV file has been compressed. A lossless WAV file is always best for recording and for carrying high-quality audio files. MP3 files are not bad quality but WAV is more elite.

Why was MP3 com shut down? › sold

Vivendi Universal had difficulties growing the service and eventually dismantled the original site, selling off all of its assets including the URL and logo to CNET in 2003.

How long will MP3 last? ›

In fact, the landmark audio file type just became easier to use than ever.

What are the old music download programs? ›

Napster and LimeWire were some of the earliest music-sharing applications that did not obtain proper permissions to use licensed music. Users were able to download and share copyright-protected music without permission.

How to download high quality MP3 songs? ›

How to Download High-quality 320kbps MP3 Songs with NoteBurner
  1. 1 Download, Install and Launch NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter. Try It Free Try It Free.
  2. 2 Add Spotify songs or playlists to the Program. ...
  3. 3 Choose MP3 as the Output Format and Select "320kbps" for the Output Quality. ...
  4. 4 Convert Spotify Songs to MP3 Format.

Can you legally download music for free? ›

Most songs and movies that appear on download or file–sharing websites are copyrighted. It is illegal to download any music or movies that are copyrighted. Downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie could expose you to a lawsuit for money damages that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How do I download mp3 songs to my Iphone? ›

Download a song, album, or playlist: Touch and hold music you've added to your library, then tap Download. at the top of the screen. Note: You must turn on Sync Library to download music from Apple Music to your library (go to Settings > Music, then turn on Sync Library).

What is the best music website? ›

Most Visited Music Websites
1spotify.comArts & Entertainment > Music
2worldstar.comArts & Entertainment > Music
3soundcloud.comArts & Entertainment > Music
4genius.comArts & Entertainment > Music
46 more rows

Where can I download free music for Android? ›

Best free music download websites & apps for Android phones
  • ReverbNation. ReverbNation is one of the best free music download sites in 2022. ...
  • SoundCloud. SoundCloud is one of the best alternatives of Spotify app where you can listen to online music for free even. ...
  • Fildo. ...
  • YMusic. ...
  • Audiomack. ...
  • GTunes. ...
  • SONGily. ...
  • DatPiff.
Jun 23, 2022

What is the free app to find songs? ›

Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover artists, lyrics, videos & playlists, all for free.

What is a safe website to download MP3? ›

Best FREE Music Download Sites (Get MP3 Legally)
NameOffline listeningLink
ReverbnationYesLearn More
MusifyYesLearn More
BandcampYesLearn More
JamendoNoLearn More
1 more row
Apr 8, 2023

Is it legal to download MP3 music for free? ›

Most songs and movies that appear on download or file–sharing websites are copyrighted. It is illegal to download any music or movies that are copyrighted. Downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie could expose you to a lawsuit for money damages that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Is Free Music Archive Legal? ›

Most of the music on Free Music Archive is licensed under one of the popular Creative Commons licenses. This means the music is copyright protected and some conditions apply before you can re-use the song.

What were the old music download sites? ›

I looked into three services that I used the most—Napster, Limewire and Kazaa—to see where those brand names are now. Let's start where illegal downloading started for so many—Napster—and then continue on to Limewire and Kazaa.

What happens if you download music for free? ›

Using a file-sharing network like Kazaa or BitTorrent to freely download copyrighted music is illegal — unless the copyright owner (the artist, the music label, or someone else) gives permission for the music to be freely distributed. Rest assured, very few artists or music labels do this.

Why MP3 is not used anymore? ›

The MP3 file format, the one that helped the iPod become a mainstream and iconic device, is now officially dead. According to a new report via NPR, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits has stopped providing licenses for MP3 technology, noting that more superior audio formats have rendered the MP3 obsolete.

What does MP3 stand for? ›

What does MP3 stand for? MP3 is an abbreviation for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, a data compression format for encoding digital audio, most commonly music.


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